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Carpet Cleaning / Floor Waxing Service

Carpet Engineer / Carpet Cleaning

It is suitable for offices, restaurants, shops and general residential users. We have a strong supporting team, for instant quotation and quick service arrangements. Having regular maintenance and cleaning of carpets can extend the life span of your carpet.

Smart Home- carpet cleaning method:

3M cleaning carpets and antifouling.

Our professional 3M carpet maintenance service uses high-quality 3M branded carpet cleaning solutions, effectively perfected the condition of your carpet which prolongs carpet life span. In addition to general carpet cleaning, our employees will examine the carpets in detail and remove stains when necessary.

Carpet (short): spray washing – we add in 3M professional carpet cleaning agent by using a large horsepower spray washing machine, and use high efficient carpet brush to effectively clean dirt and keep antifouling durable.

Carpet (long): steam wash - steam cleaning the carpet, which is bactericidal, and this cleans the carpet bottom dirt deeply and effectively.

Natural environmental cleaning carpets:

Besides the designated 3M carpet solution, we also provide a French manufactured carpet cleaning solution of our own brand for you to choose. For details, please contact our customer service director.

Our cleaning and maintenance procedures:

Commercial-use carpets should be cleaned and decontaminated every 3-4 months. The cleaning and maintenance procedure is shown as below. We will use carpet brushes with different strength to clean the carpet, and our staff will check and remove stubborn stains if there is any.

After cleaning, we will spray special protective agents to protect and disinfect the carpet, we will also remove pests if necessary.

Cleaning of carpet price list:

Single 3M carpet cleaning

Less than 800ft will cost HK$1200 up, HK$0.9 per ft surcharge will be added if larger than 800ft (for removing stains and antifouling). Please contact our customer service representatives for more detail.

Floor Waxing Service :

Hand Wax - limited cost, significant result

Floor Sanding & Polishing – reputable services over the years

Note :

HK$500 deposit is required for service reservation to be confirmed. Such deposit will not be returned if service is cancelled or re-scheduled within 24 hours before service schedule.

If any good or property being damaged during or after the service, Smart Home will make a maximum of HK$200 compensation under any circumstances.

The price does NOT include moving any large / heavy furniture. If moving of furniture is required, please contact our customer service representatives for details.

Our charges are based on the experience of our general carpet cleaning services. Please note that price could be different according to different situations, please contact our customer service representatives for exact quotation.

Please refer to, read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Payment Method

Cheque : Payable to "Smart Home Professional Services Limited" Or “智舒適家居服務有限公司”。
Bank Transfer : Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China (HSBC) 078-351152-838 OR Bank of China (BOC) 012-751-00078596
PPS : Merchant code: 6167 (no additional charge but customers are required to contact us for your unique 13digit customer code)
Credit Card: By PAYPAL, additional 5% charge will be applied. Please contact our customer service representatives for details
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