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Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation/Pre-Natal/Windows Cleaning

Smart Home is one of the largest household service companies in Hong Kong. Our professional cleaning team provides high-quality household cleaning services, including house cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, and general cleaning. Services are charged based on actual working hours and no extra charge.

Importance of Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation Cleaning

Owning an apartment in Hong Kong is already hard enough, cleaning it regularly and ensuring that is it in the best condition possible before you even move in is even more challenging. Oil stains, renovation residuals, paint marks and plastic stains on your window are a far cry from what you imagine your dream home to be. Nevertheless, Smart Home’s Deep Cleaning team is here to transform your place into the dream house you always wanted.

Unlike many other companies that use regular maids for such work, Smart Home has developed our own team of professionals, who have been specializing in Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation/Pre-Natal/Windows Cleaning since our establishment in 2007. With years of experience and our extensive portfolio, we are proud to be the dedicated Move-In Cleaning service provider for many reputable property management companies, developers and well-known interior design houses.

Our service has been proven by our various client bases and by the recognitions and rewards we have received over the years.

Professional Deep Cleaning

Smart Home offers reliable and quality deep cleaning services and distinguishes itself from regular housekeeping services by meticulously cleaning every nook and cranny in a house. We are one of the very few house-cleaning companies which a team that specializes purely in deep cleaning. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience dealing with different types of renovation materials and different types of common stains. Smart Home has even been nominated as a dedicated household service provider for many well-known estates for our excellent services.

Why Smart Home??

With the numerous cleaning companies around the globe, it is vitally important to employ one of the most reputable companies to serve your apartment. Since 2007, Smart Home has not only been established as one of the best cleaning companies in Hong Kong, we also have integrated different services for our clients and transformed ourselves into a one-stop household service provider. Based on our unique pricing system, over 90% of our services do not involve any additional cost incurred by over-time working. And with our expertized experience in the field, we have developed our own eco-friendly products imported directly from France. Our dedication and professionalism in the field are exactly why customers are always very satisfied with our services.

Pre-Natal Cleaning:

Congratulations on your new baby! As an experienced house cleaning services provider, we understand how important your new-born’s health is, we have developed a service procedure which is dedicated for households expecting new-borns. This service focuses on removing germs and/or dusts in very specific areas where it could easily cause rashes on your new born baby/babies.

Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation/Pre-Natal/Windows Cleaning Service Scope:

Comparison between Smart Home and most other companies:

Smart Home
We assign ONLY professionals, no regular maid
Over 10 years of Deep / Move-In / Post Renovation Cleaning experience
Simple pricing scheme based on Flat size
Charged directly according to working hours
Ladder and Vacuum Cleaner are included
Price includes interior and exterior of the apartment
Other companies
A lot of them use regular part time maids
Most do not have extensive experience dealing with different materials and surfaces of furniture
Additional cost will be applied according to the number of furniture
Do not provide ladders and/or vacuum cleaners
Additional charge for high / hidden fixtures
Many hidden cost

Highlights of Smart Home’s Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation/Pre-Natal/Windows Cleaning:

  • Same Price from Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays (except for Chinese New Year period).
  • We will NEVER assign regular or untrained maids for the job, ONLY deep cleaning professionals with extensive experiences will be assigned.
  • Fair and easy to understand pricing scheme, we will NOT apply additional cost due to numbers of furniture. Only over-time charges will be applied according to customers ‘intention.
  • No Hidden cost, the price is based on actual service hours, all cleaning tools and detergents are included, customers do not need to prepare ANYTHING at all.
  • All prices include cleaning of the whole apartment including furniture and high part of your apartment.
Service Hours No. of Cleaners Suitable for Reference Price(HK$)
Single or multiple professional cleaner(s) for 4-8 hours Arrange 1-12 professional cleaner(s) working at the same time Apartment area from 180 - 100,00 sq. ft. households, offices, factories or warehouses. $1500up (price varies from location and service area)
We will make an estimate of the time required for basic cleaning based on the number of feet of your unit and the required cleaner. Based on our years of experience, more than 90% of the cases are within the estimate. If the expected working hours are exceeded due to some stubborn stains, the customer has the right to choose to pay an extra hour fee (starting at $150/person).

Professional Deep/Move-In/Post Renovation/Pre-Natal/Windows Cleaning

We offer off-hour services for commercial use, please contact our customer service representatives for more details.

Tools:Bloom、mop、water bucket、window wiper
Detergents:disinfection solutions, Windex, swipe, Cif and chemicals for stain removal.
Tools: towels and scouring pads, etc.
We cannot guarantee the quality of our work if other technicians are present at the location
Services available anywhere in Hong Kong, additional cost may apply for remote area. Natural harmless cleaner We also offer Environmentally friendly products starting at HK$250 for customers who might suffer with allergies. Please contact our customer service representatives for details.

Our price is based on estimated service hour required. Due to different requirements of each customer, our hourly rates could vary. Regardless of the workload, we guarantee professional services and will work to the best of abilities.

Discounts (with purchase of below services)

  • Pest control service
  • Pest Control Service

Service will receive additional discount of $150 off.

Windows Cleaning Service

Price List – Windows Cleaning Service
Net Area Duration Reference Price
500sq.ft or below 09:00 – 18:00 $950 up
600-999sq.ft 09:00 – 18:00 $1350 up
1000sq.ft or above 09:00 – 18:00 Contact us
Glass / village house 09:00 – 18:00 Contact us
  1. Please provide pictures for more accurate quotations.
  2. Clients must inspect and complete job completion form upon job completion, otherwise we will not arrange neither follow-up nor compensate.
  3. We will make sure clients have inspected our work before we leave.
  4. Prices include basic tools and detergents, additional $100 will be charged for ladder and vacuum cleaner.
  5. Additional cost may apply for extensive paint stains, renovation residuals or acid rain stains.
  6. We refuse the right to work under any circumstances which may harm our workers’ safety or causing health issues
  7. This service only applies to window cleaning service, if other cleaning work is required, please consult with our customer service representatives.
  8. We cannot guarantee the quality of our work if other technicians are present at the location
  9. Maximum of HKD$200 refund if any property is negligently damaged by our workers.


HK$500 deposit is required for service reservation to be confirmed. Such deposit will not be returned if service is cancelled or re-scheduled within 24 hours before service schedule.

The hourly rate is $150/person if you need extra time for cleaning.

HK$500 deposit is required for service reservation to be confirmed. Such deposit will

Prices include basic tools and detergents, additional $100 will be charged for ladder and vacuum cleaner

If any good or property being damaged during or after the service, Smart Home will make a maximum of HK$200 compensation under any circumstances.

Please refer to, read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Payment Method

Cheque : Payable to "Smart Home Professional Services Limited" Or “智舒適家居服務有限公司”。
Bank Transfer : Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China (HSBC) 078-351152-838 OR Bank of China (BOC) 012-751-00078596
PPS : Merchant code: 6167 (no additional charge but customers are required to contact us for your unique 13digit customer code)
Credit Card: By PAYPAL, additional 5% charge will be applied. Please contact our customer service representatives for details
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