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Promoting Quality Services

The recognition is granted by the Hong Kong Retail Management Council. This is a recognition for companies and organizations for providing quality services. We are honored to be awarded as this is a reputable award within Hong Kong to solidify our work. We promise we will continue to provide quality services to our customers.

No Fakes

Awarded by the Intellectual Property Department. This recognition is based on our promise to our customers that we always provided premium, genuine services and products, and under NO circumstances we will provide any “fake” service or product.

Famous Brands 2014 – 2018

This award is based on professional screening and customer reviews. We are proud to be awarded for 5 consecutive years and this award has given us the motivation to our continuous improvements

Community Caring Shop

Smart Home has been working with different organizations in Hong Kong to provide free home services for those who needs us. This is a recognition awarded by the Social Welfare Department to prove that we value Social Responsibility highly and we always give back to the community.


Awarded by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, this recognition is to promote companies who encourage the spirit of serving those who are in need and help creating a society with love. As Smart Home has continuously participated in and promoted different society work, including but not limited to volunteer work and serving the elderlies for free. We also assisted those who have difficulties finding a job to re-enter the workforce. This recognition has given us the motivation to continue giving back to the society.

「Innovative Entrepreneur 2014」

From a regular cleaning service provider to a One-Stop Household service provider. From household services to having our own environmentally friendly cleaning products and 24 hours emergency home assistant. Smart Home has never stopped innovating and keeps providing best quality services to our customers. We are proud to be awarded in 2014 and we promise to keep up our innovative spirit.

Hong Kong Doula and Nanny Industry Association

HKDNIA is an NGO initially organized by 9 companies within the industry. We strive to provide quality assistance to the stakeholders within the field and are proud to be nominated to be one of the board committee for 4 consecutive years.

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