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Pest control


Pest control

Smart Home has substantial knowledge about controlling pests to maintain an optimal living and working environment in Hong Kong. Therefore, numerous institutions and organizations, such as offices, retail stores, banks, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, churches, factories and storages have picked us for pest control services. Our technicians have extensive pest control knowledge with extraordinary experience – no pest-related issue is too big a problem for us to solve! Smart Home uses professional and effective government-approved pest control chemicals to greatly control the quantity of pests and suppress infestations. Our chemicals are long lasting and safe for anyone, including kids and pets.

Roaches interventions::

The most advanced technique for killing cockroaches can be classified into two types: toxicity and non-toxicity. The toxic chemical is a gel that gets absorbed by cockroaches, traps them and kills them in the process. Non-toxicity type techniques include sticker plate, biological control, blocking nest and cutting off the main energy source, etc. Our pest control technicians will provide advice and services for customers to prevent the development of roach infestations in the long run. All our products are safe and efficient to ensure we can provide a safe and insect-free environment for you and your family.

Mice interventions::

Smart Home mice-control technicians will first investigate the environment before making sound judgement and assessments on the seriousness of the problem. Then, our pest control team will apply situatable products to resolve the issue. Please feel free to consult our knowledgeable team of pest control experts about our mice-control procedures or any of our services.

Promotion discount:

1000 sq feet or below, the price starts from $980HKD (location surcharge might apply for remote locations)
1000 sq feet- 1500 sq feet, the price starts from $1180 ((location surcharge might apply for remote locations)
同時惠顧入伙前/裝修後清潔/冷氣清洗或其他服務, 以上價格即時有$150元優惠折扣


Prices include basic tools and detergents, additional $100 will be charged for ladder and vacuum cleaner

If any good or property being damaged during or after the service, Smart Home will make a maximum of HK$200 compensation under any circumstances.

Please refer to, read and accept our Terms and Conditions.

Payment Method

Cheque : Payable to "Smart Home Professional Services Limited" Or “智舒適家居服務有限公司”。
Bank Transfer : Hong Kong Shanghai Bank of China (HSBC) 078-351152-838 OR Bank of China (BOC) 012-751-00078596
PPS : Merchant code: 6167 (no additional charge but customers are required to contact us for your unique 13digit customer code)
Credit Card: By PAYPAL, additional 5% charge will be applied. Please contact our customer service representatives for details
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