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Straits 220 Towel Hankderchief

$HK 60.00
Brand : Ikeuchi Organic
Brand Type :
Capacity : Size: 60 x 120 cm
Stock : 現貨

Color: Pink, white, Blue, Grey 86% Organic Cotton, 8% Bamboo Rayon, 6% Biodegradable Polyester

It's made with a mix of Organic cotton and Bamboo rayon. Giving you the softness of cotton and freshness of bamboo at the same time. 
Straits 2 is the award winning product in 2002 New York Home Textile Show (NY NOW) 

86% Organic Cotton, 8% Bamboo Rayon, 6% Bio-degradable Polyester
Eco-friendly Compostable Polyester Fiber
OEKO-TEX standard 100 Class 1
Certified Imabari Towel
Towel weave with wind
Low environment impact dye
Made in Imabari, Japan

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