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iSecret Pure Essential Oil - TEA TREE 10ml

HK$ 160.00 $HK 220.00
Brand : iSecret
Brand Type : Brand Type 2-1
Capacity : 10ml
Stock : 現貨

Benefits: Kill Bacteria, Protect against viral infections, Speed up the healing of scars

iSecret Pure Essential Oil - TEA TREE (10ml)
Benefits: Kill Bacteria, Protect against viral infections, Speed up the healing of scars
1) Massage: Dilute the essential oils into carrier oils, such as coconut, jojoba or any vegetable or nut oil, 1-3 drops in about 15ml of carrier oil, can adjust with more or less carrier oil depends on body reactions.
2) Bath: Dilute a few drops of essential oil into warm water, water with too high temperature will cause the essential oil evaporate quickly and avoid plastic water container.
3) Sniff: Add a couple drops of essential oil onto a linen, tissue paper or hot water and inhaling the uplifting aroma.
4) Skin / Hair Care: Dilute a few drops of essential oil into body lotion, body oil, shampoo or conditioner for extra benefits.
5) Scent: Add a few drops of essentail oil onto a aromatherapy diffuser to scent the area to clean air and kill bacteria.
6) Compress: Dilute a few drops of essential oil into cold or hot water, then wring the towel and use it on the desired area.
7) Direct Apply: Most of the essential oils cannot be used in undiluted way, except Lavender and Tea Tree, both are effective for burns and insect bites.

* Every essential oil is 10ml in volume (around 200 drops).

⚠️ Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that flammable and should be avoid undiluted usage to the skin.


1. If have pregnancy, high blood pressure, epilepsy or other diseases, please consult doctor before using essential oils.

2. If without professional guidance, no internal use of essential oils and keep them away from eye area.

3. Pure essential oils (100%), preferably not to apply to the skin directly, must be diluted before use.

4. Not suitable for hypotension.

5. To store the essential oils in a dark place, and best to finish within six months after opened.

6. Any questions, please consult professionals.

Promoted by multiple local and Asian media, iSecret blends from various 100% natural essential oil; it is an alcoholic free ‘pure essential oil perfume’ without artificial flavour. When you spray on your clothes, the sense of perfume stays there. The pure essential oil and antibacterial spray not only prevents influenza, but also purifies the air. It replaces all kinds of products such as synthetic essence, air fresheners and chemical antiseptic spray that cause damage to our skin and our health.
The unique iSecret is chosen by medical practitioners. It is also being promoted in many beauty and organic resources talks.

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