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Organic Baby 120 BM09 gift set

$HK 930.00
Brand : Ikeuchi Organic
Brand Type :
Capacity : Mottainai Tree Wash Towel (35 x 38 cm)
Stock : 現貨

Box Set Includes: Mottainai Tree Wash Towel (35 x 38 cm) x 1 Mottainai Tree Handkerchief (23 x 23 cm) x 1 Organic Baby 120 - Baby Shoes x 1 pair (length of shoe sole: 9cm) Organic Baby 120 - Baby Bib (16 x 18 cm ) x 1 Origami Bear: Face Towel - (35mm x 72mm) x 1

Baby series product made with organic cotton towels of IKEUCHI ORGANIC.

Gentle and soft for your baby's' delicate skins. Safe for babies with lowest possible chemical content and passed OEKO-TEX class 1 standard 100 certification. All Ikeuchi Towels are made with such high safety standard that even the baby put the product into their mouth. It do not release chemicals, dye or residual bleach. 

100% Organic cotton
OEKO-TEX standard 100 Class 1
Towel weave with wind
Ozone bleach
Made in Imabari, Japan

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