Professional Pest Control / Termites
Professional Pest Control Services for Hong Kong Clients:

Our professional and experienced Pest Control experts use registered environmental friendly protection insecticide only. We can effectively kill and manage a wide range of pests and insects. Our team covers all residential areas, and also services offices, construction sites, schools, churches and even gardens.

  • If your properties were attacked by termites, the damage they cause could end up costing you a lot in repairs. Our professional termite inspectors will closely work with you to thoroughly examine your property.  We will first work on finding the source of the infestation and develop an action plan that suits your needs.
  • We will use various types of pesticides and state of the art equipment to offer you expert pest control services across Hong Kong.  Our experienced staff members will determine how to best tackle the problem, depending on your individual situation.
  • We adopt highly advanced methods and materials for pest control services including underground termite control, post-constructional protection,  taking care of electrical-wires, underground pipes , wires and wood pest control.  We offer pest control services under Hong Kong clients trust, because we do not harm the environment, human beings, animals or your property.
Cockroach Control:
  • At present the most advanced ways for cockroach control include low-toxic or non-toxic types. The former mainly uses cockroach gel baits, while non-toxic type mainly uses Cockroach Glue Traps (Link) and other biological control methods.
  • Our experts provide you with flexible suggestions after considering your actual needs. Our products can quickly, safely and effectively remove cockroaches to avoid any impact on your lives.
  • Other control strategies include terminating their food sources, removing their hiding places, preventing them from entering your home and using baits or pesticides.
Rodents Control:

The experts at Smart Home will first thoroughly examine your premise and the problematic areas, and decide on the ideal products for rodent control. Our team's  professional advice and strictly selected products can be relied on to remove all rodents and provide you with a healthy and safe working environment.

Special Promotion:

Starting from $800 for Gross Area 1000 sq. feet or below
Starting from $1000 for Gross Area 1000 – 1500 sq. feet
$150 Special discount if you purchase other services such as home cleaning or Air-conditioner cleaning
There will be an area surcharge for some locations, please contact our customer service for more information